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Time Matters

Help California by reducing your energy use from 4-9PM when energy demand is high and less clean energy is available.

Why Time Matters

Power Down 4-9PM

From 4-9PM, energy demand is high, and less wind and solar power is available. By using less electricity during these hours, you can ensure that your energy is coming from cleaner sources.

When To Use Energy

By making a few small changes to your routine you can help create a big change for California. It's as simple as shifting when you use energy.

Total Energy Usage and
Availability of Clean Energy

In the early morning just as we start our day and start using energy, California taps into a variety of its clean energy sources that are naturally available.

In the afternoon, as we go through our day and our energy usage continues to grow, California’s many solar power plants come online using the abundant solar potential available, while managing increased demand.

Total Energy Usage and
Availability of Clean Energy

In the late afternoon as we come home, our energy use reaches an all-day high just as less clean energy becomes available — requiring the system to rely on more traditional energy sources.

Peak times may vary by rate and/or energy provider. 

Total Energy Usage and
Availability of Clean Energy

At night as we go to bed, our energy use decreases, just as California’s clean energy produced from wind farms become available.

How To Use Clean Energy

Read these tips to learn how to optimize your clean energy usage. 

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