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Who We Are

Energy Upgrade California® is a statewide initiative committed to helping Californians take action to save energy, conserve and preserve natural resources, reduce demand on the energy grid, and make informed choices about their energy use at home and at work, which goes a long way for California.

Local Heroes

All across California, residents are doing their thing to become more energy efficient. Committed to saving energy and money – by doing simple things like switching to LED light bulbs, locals just like you are making an impact for California, every day.


Small Business Owners

Throughout the state, small business owners are taking decisive action to save energy in ways that actually make sense, for both the environment and the books.


Community Spotlight

Lancaster, California might be modest in size (population 160,000), but the city’s visionary efforts in combating climate change and bringing its residents clean energy have put it on the map.


Home Energy Efficiency

Learn how to make your house more energy efficient and comfortable through home improvement measures, and start lowering your utility bills here.

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The Movement

Join fellow Californians in a movement to reduce our impact on the environment as you better manage your daily energy use.

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