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Get Inspired to Save Energy

Californians like you are already doing their part to save energy. Home and business owners alike are finding simple ways to become more energy efficient and reduce their environmental impact. There’s so much to do to protect California for the present and future, but it’s easy to get started. 

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Who We Are

Energy Upgrade California® is a statewide initiative committed to helping Californians take action to save energy, conserve and preserve natural resources, reduce demand on the energy grid and make informed choices about their energy use at home and at work—all of which goes a long way for California.

Energy Heroes

All across California, residents are doing their part to become more energy efficient. By being committed to saving energy and money, and by doing simple things like switching to LED light bulbs, locals just like you are making an impact for California, every day.

Climate Change

Climate change is already contributing to increased air pollution, more wildfires, droughts and sea-level rise. So what can we do as Californians to combat these threats to our health, our livelihoods and our future?

California's Energy Goals

Let's work together to make real, substantive changes to protect what we have today and preserve it for future generations.