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Who are California’s Energy Heroes?

Get to know the extraordinary residents and small business owners who are each doing their thing to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint for the environmental good of beautiful California state, and the planet.

Local Hero

Guillermo Ulysses

Guillermo Ulysses is a film editor, full-time dad and energy hero living in Whittier, California.

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Small Business

Fabian Rodriguez

Fabian Rodriguez is the owner of BellaPasta, a real estate agent, and an energy hero, living and running his small business in Fresno, California.

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Community Spotlight

Mayor R. Rex Parris (Lancaster)

The city of Lancaster, California and Mayor R. Rex Parris, combating climate change and providing residents with clean energy.

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Local Hero

Local Hero - Brandon Shamim

Brandon Shamim

Brandon Shamim is an award-winning business strategist, leadership coach and college instructor, living with his wife in Pasadena, California. They are proud owners of a circa 1910 original California-style home that they’ve remodeled inside and out to become more energy efficient.

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