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Who Are California’s Energy Heroes?

Get to know these extraordinary residents and small business owners. Each one is doing their part to save energy and reduce their carbon footprint for California and the planet.

Straus Family Creamery is using cow power to run their farms and produce 100% organic milk. Literally.

See how Sierra Nevada Brewing has become nearly independent from the grid, operating with clean and renewable energy sources.

Sacramento Eco Fitness is harnessing human power. Learn how energy you spend at the gym could be used to power the gym itself—or other things.

From sourcing beans to roasting them, Equator Coffees & Teas is reducing energy consumption and making an excellent product.

The man behind Who Killed The Electric Car? shares his thoughts and practices on living energy efficient.

See how a simple energy assessment turned Stephanie’s home into an energy-efficient, money-saving abode.

Because every action counts, everything Ahmad does to save energy also means saving a lot of money.

Green Certification can do more for your business than you think. Learn why it’s a great business model.

Grace Yang and her family save energy and hope to inspire others in Berkeley, California.

See how GRID Alternatives, a nonprofit, helps underserved communities save money by saving energy.

Pilar’s floral design studio in Oakland, California, proves that business can be eco-friendly, energy efficient and exceptionally elegant.

How do you save energy while running the AC to maintain a lab at exactly 68°F?

Sadie, a small business owner, shows us how personalized events can also be kind to the environment.

Guillermo is a film editor, full-time dad and Energy Hero living in Whittier, California.

Fabian is the owner of Bella Pasta, a real estate agent and an Energy Hero, living and running his small business in Fresno, California.

Brandon is an award-winning business strategist, leadership coach and college instructor, living with his wife in Pasadena, California.

The city of Lancaster, California, and Mayor R. Rex Parris, combating climate change and providing residents with clean energy.