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California’s Energy Goals

California has long been recognized as a leader in environmental protection and preservation, and we continue to be an example for the rest of the nation by setting our sights high. The Golden State has committed to a goal of reducing our carbon pollution to 1990 levels by 2030. That’s the equivalent of taking about 5.6 million cars off the road every year and reducing annual emissions from 14 tons to 10 tons per person.


The housing sector, which accounts for 13% of total Bay Area emissions, includes construction and maintenance of residential housing; consumption of electricity, natural gas and fuel oil for residential heating, cooling and cooking; water consumption; and waste disposal.

Home size and energy efficiency of the home are key factors in greenhouse gas emissions from the housing sector.

Total Housing-Related CO2e Emissions. (Metric Tons) per Household
Bay Area CO2 emissions map source: CoolClimate Network The map shows that a large percentage of housing areas around the Bay Area emit high amounts of CO2

What Are The State Policies Driving Our Goals?

The California Public Utilities Commission Decision 13-12-038, issued in December 2013, established that:

Short Term

The Energy Upgrade California® short-term goal is to provide California residents and small businesses with information about energy concepts, programs, services, rates and the benefits of taking action so that Californians:

  1. begin to understand their energy use, the opportunities available for them to act, and the benefits of their action, and
  2. begin to take well-informed action to better manage energy.

Long Term

The Energy Upgrade California® long-term goal is for Californians to understand the value of better energy use, demand response and distributed generation, which leads to demand for products, services and rates for their homes and businesses. This demand leads Californians to take actions that save money, increase the installation of customer-owned renewable energy technologies, use energy more efficiently and shift energy use away from peak hours as needed.

Home Energy Efficiency

Learn how to make your house more energy efficient and comfortable through home improvement measures, and start lowering your utility bills here.

Join the Movement

Join your fellow Californians in a movement to reduce our impact on the environment as we each better manage our daily