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Calling All Energy Heroes

Everyday Californians like you are committed to saving energy, starting with small actions we can all perform. It’s easy to make a difference. When you do even one thing from the action list to sharpen your energy usage, you’ll see your utility bills come down while you create a more energy-efficient, comfortable home. 

Things to Do

Explore the energy-saving actions below. You can also download our handy PDF and easily track the things you’ve done to save energy. Remember, the more you do to save energy, the more you’re doing for California.

, will be an energy hero for California by doing the 0 things I’ve chosen above.

Thanks for joining 1423 California energy heroes by becoming more energy efficient and reducing our impact on the environment.

Who's Doing Their Thing?

It’s happening all over the state of California – residents are joining together to save energy, reduce our impact on the environment and become today’s energy heroes.

Total CO2 we will save together


tons per year

Share With Your Friends

Inspire others to join the movement! Let them know you’ve committed to saving energy through your daily actions and helping to save the planet – and they can, too. It’s that easy.

Make a Bigger Impact

Energy Upgrade California® and your local energy provider want you to better manage your energy through various home improvements, rebates and incentives. 

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