Avoid the bear stare by saving water and energy.
The Bear Stare, it's what many Californians do when they see someone wasting water and energy. But don't stop there. Share tips from this site, and help friends and neighbors play their part to fight the drought. Love to stare? Challenge Bear using your computer's camera!
Save water
& energy
Here you'll find tips, rebates and incentives to help you conserve indoors
Tip #1
Fill your dishwasher all the way.
An empty dishwasher uses the same amount of water and energy as a full one.
Tip #2
Wash Clothes in cold water.
Cold water gets clothes just as clean as hot, using less energy. Do full loads to save water too.
Tip #3
Fix leaky fixtures and running toilets.
Household leaks can waste up to 10,000 gallons a year. They really add up!
Tip #4
Shower for 5 minutes or less.
Save a minute in the shower, and you’ll save about 2 gallons of water. Add low-flow fixtures to save even more.
Find rebates and incentives for water-saving products and services.
Many local utilities offer rebates and incentives to help their customers buy water and energy saving products for their homes. Find out what's available in your neighborhood and do even more to help our state Stay Golden.
Find Rebates and Incentives from your Local Utility
Don't just stare. Talk to friends and neighbors about saving water and energy.
Most Californians know about the drought. But some may not know how serious it is. And sometimes we can all use a little reminder to do our part. So when you see a waster, share our tips. Here's how to keep the conversation positive.
Please Do
Start a conversation about water & energy use.
Please Do
Bring it up in a friendly, constructive way.
Please Do
Offer to help. Provide tips from this site.
Please Do
Give out copies of our printable fact sheet.
Download Here
How saving water saves energy.
Welcome to Bear's whiteboard, where the connection between energy and water is easy to understand.
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