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Participating Contractors and Raters

Are you ready to take a serious look at your home’s energy performance? A professional home energy assessment, conducted by a Participating Contractor or Rater in the Home Upgrade program, can thoroughly evaluate your home’s energy use.

What Is a Participating Contractor or Rater?

For planned Home Upgrade and Advanced Home Upgrade projects, participating contractors and raters are trained to help you complete the energy-efficient installations required. The Home Upgrade program offered by your energy provider can bundle various energy-efficient options and provide rebates. Participating contractors:

  • Have completed extensive training in building science
  • Will help you maximize energy savings and improve indoor air quality and safety
  • Will work with you to manage and submit all rebate applications
  • Will provide information about financing options for your home improvement project
  • Are held to higher installation standards than the average contractor

Your participating Contractor or Rater will help you take advantage of rebates for which you are eligible and will submit the rebate applications on your behalf.

The Home Energy Assessment

Your participating Home Performance Contractor will complete a whole-home energy assessment and will explain how your home works as a system, including what aspects could be improved to enhance comfort and energy performance. The whole-home energy assessment will help you and your participating Home Performance Contractor decide which improvements would be most beneficial and help determine the amount of cash-back incentives you can receive from your utility.

Find a Participating Contractor or Rater From Your Energy Provider

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