In the Mood for Lighting?

Exciting things are happening in lighting. From new energy–efficient bulbs to smart–lighting options that you can customize with your phone, you might just find a few new bright ideas for your home.

See Your Savings More Clearly

Energy effiicent lights use up to 75% less energy than incandescent lighting, so not only will you be saving some money but you will also be saving the environment as well. Go ahead and see just how much.

If I change old lightbulbs to Energy Efficient bulbs I can save myself and the environment:
135 Dollars per year
1.5 Tons of CO2
Bear’s Bright Ideas
  • Turn off lights when you leave a room.

    Simply turning off lights when no one’s around can lead to impressive cost savings.

  • Replace old bulbs.

    ENERGY STAR–certified LED bulbs have come down in price making them affordable. Today’s models provide similar light quality to your old bulbs and can save $40 to $135 over their lifetime.

  • Use solar lights outside

    Small solar–powered lights for lining your driveway and walkways are inexpensive, economical, and attractive.

  • Use LED lights for the holiday’s

    Little changes in decoration add up, especially when you’re talking about 1,000 holiday lights.

  • Install dimmers on overhead lights

    Instead of stark on/off switches, dimmers help you adjust the mood while saving energy.

  • Use task lamps for small jobs

    Lots of activities don’t require you to light the whole room. For example, use a reading lamp for just the amount of brightness you need.

  • Use motion detector lights

    Since they only come on when they’re needed, these lights are convenient and efficient options for both indoors and outside.