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Your Holidays

With Energy-Saving LEDs

Holiday traditions are great, but not when it comes to those outdated, energy-guzzling – and potentially unsafe – lights you’re about to haul down from the attic. It’s time to relegate them to a recycling bin and upgrade to cooler, longer-lasting LEDs.

It really is a bright idea. For energy savings, safety and the environment, make 2016 the year you Relight Your Holidays.

You Want a Lower Energy Bill.

We want your old holiday lights.

How much difference can LEDs make on your utility bill? A lot. Your old incandescent lights cost about seven times as much to operate as LEDs.

Think that still doesn’t add up to much? Think again.

To estimate how much money you could save by switching to LED holidays lights, just type in the approximate number of 25-light strings you use.

If I recycle old strings of lights and replace them with LEDs, over the holiday season I could save:

$0.00 each Season

How to recycle your old holiday lights

Copper, glass, plastic – that’s what holiday lights are made of, and all of those things can and should be recycled.

  1. Some communities accept holiday lights via curbside recycling, but you can also visit to find drop-off and mail-in recycling locations near you.
  2. Retail stores – hardware, home improvement, etc. – often recycle holiday lights and offer coupons toward new LEDs. Check around to find which are participating.
  3. Several online merchants will recycle your old lights and give you discounts on future purchases. Holiday LEDs is one.
  4. Follow the Energy Upgrade California Facebook page to learn about upcoming special events that include holiday light recycling.

More reasons to switch to LEDs

Be Like Jane

Recycle your old lights and replace them with cooler, longer lasting LEDs.
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