Want to learn more about Energy Upgrade California? Check out our brochures, posters, pamphlets and other resources to find information on Lighting, Financing, Water and Energy Efficiency. There are also resources for Youth and Small Businesses as well as collateral translated in other languages.


Find out what Energy Upgrade California is all about.

  1. Energy Upgrade California Brochure - English
  2. Energy Upgrade California Brochure - Spanish
  3. Energy Upgrade California Brochure - Chinese
  4. Energy Upgrade California Brochure - Korean
  5. Energy Upgrade California Brochure - Vietnamese
  6. Energy Upgrade California Brochure - Russian
  7. Energy Upgrade California Brochure - Hindi
  8. Energy Upgrade California Brochure- Hmong
  9. Energy Upgrade California Stickers


From Holiday Lighting to LEDs, find out how changing your lighting can make you become more energy efficient.

  1. LED Holiday Lights Poster
  2. LED Light Bulb Poster

Tip Sheets

Get tips on lighting, appliances and plumbing.

  1. Lighting, Appliances and Plumbing Tip Sheets
  2. Lighting Tip Sheet
  3. Appliance Tip Sheet
  4. Plumbing and Water Tip Sheet


Don’t have the budget for new upgrades? Check out all the brochures, pamphlets and guides to help you find the right financing options.

  1. Go Green Financing Flyer
  2. Welcome to the State of Saving Tri-fold Flyer
  3. Residential Energy Efficiency Loan Assistance Program


Learn more about the water-energy nexus with these resources.

Water Conservation Infographic

Energy Efficiency

Fact sheets, flyers and posters about how to make your home more energy efficient. 

  1. Advanced Home Upgrade Assessment Incentive 
  2. Home Upgrade Incentives 2015
  3. Energy Upgrade California Renters Fact Sheet 2015
  4. Home Automation Keeps You In Control Poster
  5. Learn How To Save Money With Time-Varying Rates Poster 
  6. Top 4 Reasons to Buy Energy Star Appliances

Cold Weather Preparation

Prepare your home to stay warm and comfortable while saving money.

  1. Cold Weather Prep - PG&E
  2. Cold Weather Prep - SCG
  3. Cold Weather Prep - SDG&E


Check out these resources to help educate our youth about energy.

Simple Ways for You To Save Energy in Your Home Flyer

Small Business

Learn about what small businesses can do to reduce their energy use.

Small Business Custom Energy Savings Plan Flyer