Let's All Use Energy To Live Better

Energy Upgrade California is a statewide initiative to motivate and educate California residents and small businesses about energy management concepts, programs and actions that can help them better manage their energy use. This initiative invites all Californians to take action to manage energy for their own benefit and that of their communities. Its aspirations are energy literacy for all Californians, full achievement of the state’s long-range energy and climate change policy goals, a thriving low-carbon economy and high quality of life in healthy, vibrant communities.

Energy Upgrade California exists to:

  • Help people understand that using energy better can help them live better and help small businesses to do better.
  • Encourage innovative policy discussions and stand out on the national stage by inspiring other states to pursue a similar vision and path.

State Policies Driving These goals

The California Public Utilities Commission Decision 13-12-038 issued in December 2013 established that:

  • The Energy Upgrade California short-term goal for the next two years is to provide California residents and small businesses with information about energy concepts, programs, services, rates and benefits of taking action so that Californians (1) begin to understand their energy use, the opportunities available for them to act, and the benefits of their action, and (2) begin to take well-informed action to better manage energy.
  • The Energy Upgrade California long-term goal is for Californians to understand the value of energy efficiency, demand response, and distributed generation, which leads to demand for products, services and rates for their homes and businesses. This demand leads Californians to take actions that save money, increase the installation of customer-owned renewable energy technologies, use energy more efficiently, and shift energy use away from peak hours as needed.