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See all the exciting ways California is leading the nation in climate preservation and innovation.

Everyone who experiences California, even for a short visit, comes away with an appreciation of our abundant natural beauty. Generations have fought diligently to preserve it, from John Muir all the way to Jerry Brown. Upholding this responsibility while leading the world in technology is no easy feat. Download our Field Guide to learn more about our ongoing efforts behind the scenes.

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Antelope Valley Solar Ranch

This impressive 242-megawatt photovoltaic solar project uses innovative inverters and a smart tracking system to better harness the sun’s energy. During construction, the project created 350 good-paying California jobs and it still supports 20 permanent jobs.

Million Solar Roofs Initiative

This $3.3 billion initiative spurred a new industry in California. Net Energy Metering created an enterprising new green economy where customers can generate their own solar, wind and biogas energy—and sell the surplus.

The Alta Wind Energy Center

This windfarm at Tehachapi Pass is the nation’s largest, with 1,548 megawatts of energy that will power an incredible number of homes by 2040: 450,000 of them.

Geothermal: The Geysers

The Geysers have 350 wells and are one of only two locations in the world where natural dry steam can directly spin turbines and generate electricity—enough to power a city the size of San Francisco.

Castaic Lake Pumped Storage

One of the world’s largest hydroelectric facilities, with 7.2 miles of 30-foot-wide tunnels that can discharge 480 tons of water per second to power six huge 250 MW turbines.

Clean Energy Jobs Act (Prop. 39)

Revenue collected has retrofitted an amazing 80,000 lights, windows, and HVAC systems to help our schools save more than 6 million KWh per year.

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