Welcome to the 2015 CoolCalifornia Challenge, a competition between California cities engaging residents to take simple, everyday actions to reduce their carbon footprints.



Administered by Energy Upgrade California®, the CoolCalifornia Challenge seeks to engage residents and communities to work together to achieve California’s energy reduction, climate change, and greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. The competition offers an opportunity for cities and community based organizations to learn from each other and connect with their residents about the easiest and best ways to reduce energy use and cut their carbon footprints with tasks they can do at home and with their transportation choices.  It’s a lifestyle investigation into low carbon living and it ties into cities’ climate action plans for increasing sustainability.


  1. Build community spirit through “EcoTeams”
  2. Earn points for participation, which can result in prize money for your city or community based organization
  3. Help your city achieve its carbon reduction goals


I want to participate in the Challenge. Please send me a reminder e-mail at the start of the competition so I can sign up and earn points for my city!

We’d love to hear from you. Please e-mail us at challenge@energyupgradeca.org

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