What is the California Climate Credit?

You may notice something called a California Climate Credit on your electricity bill. This credit is your share of money from a state program that is fighting climate change. It happens automatically in April/May and October/November for most California homeowners and monthly for most California small businesses – and it’s yours to keep.

But if you spend it on a few energy efficient measures, you’ll see even more savings. And our climate will be the better for it.

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Learn more about the Climate Credit for small businesses

Climate Credit

Use Your Credit to Save Money and the Environment

Here are a few simple things you can do with your climate credit.

  • Swap out inefficient lighting with new energy-efficient bulbs
    Use your credit for light emitting diode (LED) or compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, which use much less electricity and last longer too.
    Learn more about energy-efficient lighting
  • Upgrade to a new smart thermostat
    Use your credit for a new smart thermostat that can help you stay comfortable while saving you money too.
    Learn more about energy-efficient heating and cooling
  • Schedule an energy assessment for your home or do it yourself online
    You can conduct a free online assessment at your utility website so you can identify ways to save. Or even better, hire a professional to come to your home – they’ll make expert recommendations for saving even more money. And there may be rebates available to help pay for the recommended improvements, check here.

More Ways to Spend Small and Save Big

Here are a few other simple products that can make a positive impact on the environment and help you save money. They each cost about the same as one climate credit will save on your utility bill.

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How the California Climate Credit Works

California requires large industrial facilities like power plants to pay for permits when they put carbon pollution into the air. Some of that money is used by the state to fight climate change, and some goes to households and small businesses as the California Climate Credit. The climate credit is designed to help you play a part in California’s efforts to build a clean energy economy, cut air pollution and save money.

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